Astonish yourself by doing what you are really capable of doing

Welcome to the website of the Samurai coach!

On this site, you can read about coaching, investment, karate, and participate in a mastermind group.

Why coaching works?

The reason is simple: two well-coordinated brains beat one every time.

The coach has your interest at heart. The coach has no agenda except being fully present with you and showing up powerfully for you.

  1. When you and your coach work well together, you have access to the universal library of personalized and contextualized advices. You can’t get this by reading a book, doing google search, or reading articles. 
  2. Your coach can filter information you get to help you focus your attention on the intelligence that is actionable and relevant. 
  3. You simply think much better and higher quality thoughts when in dialogue with others. 

The Samurai coach makes usage of an unique approach to work with you to generate performance breakthroughs. This unique approach is the combination of ancient street art of Japanese karate (Musokai Karate), transformational leadership (John Maxwell Team), transformation (Werner Erhard), mind mastery (Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale), communication mastery (John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie), and years of experience in the corporate world. To read more about the Samurai coach, visit “About me“.