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I really enjoyed Hoan teaching the book and getting to learn about other interesting people. Everyone was super nice. I also learned that I myself can facilitate a mastermind group as well. This experience gave me more courage and confidence to speak up in a phone conference.

2. Kim Duyen Tran Nguyen, CEO and Coach

I am not a morning person, but because of the value of the mastermind group that has brought to me, I have woke up early every Sunday to attend 7:30am meeting. At first, I attended the course because of my curiosity, but one meeting after another I have learned a lot about how to connect to my family, my friends, or even new people, and about how to listen or understand others. I highly recommend this group to anyone who wants to be a great communicator, a great leader.

2. Hanh Nguyen, Post-Doc Researcher, UCLA

Hoan is passionate about people and adds value in whatever way he can. I knew him may be for couple of years when he started to add tremendous value to me, by introducing Leadership principles of John C Maxwell. I was very hungry to learn leadership and i feel him introducing me to Maxwell’s teachings was a great gift to me! He adds immense value to people around him by coaching, showcasing consistency and truly trying to live in the moment and adding value to those around him. He conducts mastermind groups on Maxwell teachings and these are becoming popular day by day.
He has a burning desire to achieve greatness and is on his way to do that, it isonly a matter of time ( Law of Gender), before he realizes his dream. All the very best Hoan.
This review is long over due, but i hope i was able to make justice at this point of time.

1. Aravinthan Narayanan, Engineering Manager and Leadership Coach

Hoan has immense leadership and business knowledge. With a heart to truly add value and help people reach their full potential. This is a perfect combination for growth. He is able to help people new to business as well as people with decades of experience.

1. Jo Whipp – Leadership coach, speaker, and trainer

Hoan is an excellent person! His approach towards people is so genuine, nice and very friendly, that just by talking to him, you will understand what is it that you need to be successful!
Thanks Hoan!

1. Shona Vas

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