How did I become a coach?

My clients urged me to post this as my story inspired them and gave them hope of overcoming their fear in communication.

I was an engineer working in an environment that 99% were Americans, mostly white. When they talked to me, I could understand as they spoke slower. However, when they talked with each other, I could not follow. In meetings, I often sat like a dummy and then had to ask my coworkers afterward what they got out of the meeting. I survived well as my boss was very understanding. He even promoted me to be a manager. I felt great but was terrified at the same time as now I would have to manage people, run meetings, and communicate with executives. I survived again as they knew me and respected my technical skills.

However, when I moved to a new environment, I really felt my shortcoming with communication. Due to my status as manager, people assumed that I am a perfect English speaker. I ran into communication problems such as misunderstanding each other or being unable to express myself… I knew I must improve my communication skill. For years, I tried different tactics from books as well as classes. None helped much. I decided to find a course that could really help me. From reading about Warren Buffett, I came across a line where he mentioned that he was terrified of public speaking and Dale Carnegie course helped him.

I read about Buffett and Dale Carnegie course in 2013, and got interested in the class. However, I must not have thought that my communication was a big issue until late 2014. By then I found Dale Carnegie course and tried without knowing that it has been the most popular course in teaching people about communication. In the class, I learned many techniques through reading and especially in-class exercises. I learned how to listen deeply beyond words. I learned how to speak so people can understand. I learned how to be confident in any situation. In 8-week, I could see myself changing. My coworkers felt my change. I no longer have any problem with listening or speaking. The course consisted of many Americans and I was honored to receive the Highest Award for Achievement.

With this new confidence, I continued practicing what I learned from the Dale Carnegie course daily. I took further courage when I joined John Maxwell Team to improve my leadership, and yet without knowing that John Maxwell is actually the #1 leadership guru in the world, the master communicator, and the world-best speaker. Through John Maxwell Team, I took my communication to the next level by closely studying John Maxwell’s leadership and communication style. I obtained a whole new level of communication through coaching skills. Once my awareness level was raised from all those trainings, I realized coaching can help change lives.

I coach people including native speakers as well as foreigners on how to be successful and how to remove their fears/self-limiting beliefs. I train people on how to connect well with other people, how to lead other people, and how to communicate well.

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