It was a quiet morning which is normal with Los Angeles offices. I took a coffee break and happened to run into a co-worker (let’s call my co-worker Rani). We exchanged our greetings and suddenly found ourselves talking about leaders and followers.

Rani told me a story that demonstrated an outstanding leadership. Rani’s dad was a great leader. He took care of his people very well. When he died, many of his employees came to pay respect. He treated all his employees with dignity and equality. A rich man came to the funeral and said that he was used to be a custodian for Rani’s father. Rani’s father taught him a lot including the wisdom that he used later to obtain fortune.

Rani’s father never got angry. He never raised his voice. And yet, everyone was afraid of him. My opinion was that everyone respected Rani’s father and did not want to displease him.

Rani’s father taught that a leader must take care of his followers, instead of taking care of his boss. His boss is already well-taken care of. If the leader does not take of his followers, who would care for them? No wonder, Rani’s father was very well-respected.

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