Do it now – a lesson from neighbor parking

Last week was my last session of the mastermind study on 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership on Symantec’s Culver city campus. We had a great time learning the last three laws. The lesson on the law of timing, which was one of the last three laws, suddenly came to me clearer on Sunday.

I backed my car on a tight park spot to take my son to his swimming lesson and suddenly heard “boom”. My son and I were just wondering what was the sound. I quickly stopped the car and got out to see what happened. It was then that I noticed my neighbor parked her car illegally on the driveway and my car hit her front tire. For a moment, I felt relieved as her front was damaged long time ago and I only hit the tire and did not cause further damage.

I wrote a note for my neighbor to tell her that I apologized for backing into her car and politely reminded her of blocking the driveway. She must have gotten the note as I no longer saw her car on the driveway.

What got me about the law of timing in this situation is that I saw her car blocking the driveway many times. There were times that I had to spend almost 15 minutes to get my car out as I tried to avoid hitting her car. I kept thinking that I had to leave her a note. The timing of my thought was right. The timing of my action was not. Had I left a note to her when the thought first came to me, I would have avoided the incident on Sunday. The right time to let her know was when I first noticed her car parking on the driveway.

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