Are you ready?


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…….

How true the above statement is.

My son has been playing soccer for awhile. With occasional weekend practices, he could barely kick the ball with enough power. Yesterday, he decided to bring his soccer ball to school so he can play after school was over. While we were playing, a high school student named Huang came over and conversed with us. He is an older brother of my son’s schoolmate. After some friendly exchange, he started playing soccer with my son. He was very skillful with the ball and in no time began to show my son how to play soccer. This high school student was not only good with the ball but also good with teaching my son. When the student is ready, the teach appears.

Today my son would like me to wait for him so he could play with Huang. Again this high school student taught my son with passion. When they took a break, I asked him about his sport and whether he did any martial art. He shared that he’s interested in learning but could not find a teacher around here. Seeing how he taught my son and talked to me, I had a sense that he would be a good student of mine. Quickly, I talked about Musokai Karate. He got really interested and signed up immediately. When the student is read, the teacher appears.

If you are ready, I have an exciting opportunity for you to learn how to reach your own potential:

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


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