Investing in yourself to create the future you dream of


Tuesday 8/23/2016

They were mother and daughter. The mother was in 90s and in good shape. The daughter was in 60s and taking great care of her mother. I sat there admiring how the daughter cared for her mother. In fact, I was conversing inside my head that I will care for my parents like her.

Suddenly, the daughter proudly announced that she spent $200 every month to buy luxury skincare so that her skin can be like it was. She showed her hand to her mother. The mother said nothing. The daughter continued comparing with other people who do not even have $200 to care for their skins and end up with dry and ugly skins. I said there completely in despair.

Here was a lady in 60s, willing to spend $200 per month for her skin alone. She worked for a factory and got paid hourly. If she could spend $200 per month on her skin, how much is she spending to develop her mind?

A friend of mine recommended his favorite book to a group of co-workers. They all said the book was interesting and they would buy it. When asked if they will read it, 90% of them said they do not have time. Their lives are too busy to even have 15 mins to read. What shocking was that they spent at least 1 hour everyday at the gym to build their body. How much time are they spending to build their mind?

On my trip to Vietnam, I went to have some drink with my buddy’s group. We had such a pleasant chat over few beers. When a person asked the group what they were doing to increase their intelligence, the group laughed out loud. They all said the same thing: “I don’t have time.” And yet, they had been spending over 2 hours to drink and chat that night. From a trusted source, I came to know that they went out to drink after work almost every night. What are they doing to their mind, body, and soul? How much time are they spending to develop their mind?

Now, I could point out millions of examples like above. I am sure you would come up with many similar stories. But first, ask yourself: how much are you investing in yourself? What are you doing to develop not only your body but your mind?

Yours to success!

About the author: the post was written by Hoan Do, a certified leadership coach with John Maxwell Team. I have one available spot for a qualified client.
If you are curious about the above method and how you can apply it to your life successfully, open your email and send me an inquiry at

Here are some of what people said about me:

Hoan is passionate about people and adds value in whatever way he can. I knew him may be for couple of years when he started to add tremendous value to me, by introducing Leadership principles of John C Maxwell. I was very hungry to learn leadership and i feel him introducing me to Maxwell’s teachings … Continue reading “1. Aravinthan Narayanan, Engineering Manager and Leadership Coach”

1. Aravinthan Narayanan, Engineering Manager and Leadership Coach

Hoan has helped me to develop a process that I use for decision making that allows me to get to the roots of what I really trying to accomplish. He is calm, inspirational and motivational. He has also taught me different techniques which I apply daily that have positively affected  my success at work and … Continue reading “1. Dr. Richard Greene – Peak performance coach and sales director”

1. Dr. Richard Greene – Peak performance coach and sales director

Hoan has immense leadership and business knowledge. With a heart to truly add value and help people reach their full potential. This is a perfect combination for growth. He is able to help people new to business as well as people with decades of experience.

1. Jo Whipp – Leadership coach, speaker, and trainer

Hoan, I truly admire your passion & commitment to studying, coaching, and teaching real transformational leadershipand your dedication to lifelong learning and continual growth & development so that you can help make a difference in society. I appreciate you so much because every time you help me grow, I am able to help those around … Continue reading “1. Kim Duyen Tran Nguyen”

1. Kim Duyen Tran Nguyen

Hoan is a powerful coach. Through attentive listening and thought-provoking questions, Hoan helped me realize the limiting beliefs that kept me from achieving what I desired. After working with Hoan, my mindset shifted entirely and I embarked on a step-by-step plan toward what once seemed impossible. Whether you are seeking financial abundance, stronger relationships, or … Continue reading “1. Michael G, Manager”

1. Michael G, Manager

“Hoan is a great coach, brings the best of anyone in any situation.  Hoan truly leads by example.  I had known Hoan as a co-worker, manager and always had great respect for what I had known him for.  As a  coach, I respect him immensely.   I think Hoan values his folks with a lot … Continue reading “1. Rajeshwary Jaldu”

1. Rajeshwary Jaldu

Hoan is an excellent person! His approach towards people is so genuine, nice and very friendly, that just by talking to him, you will understand what is it that you need to be successful! Thanks Hoan!

1. Shona Vas

This Mastermind group has really helped me better understand who I am as a person and what I need to do in order to continuously grow in my life and career. If you are someone who feels like you want to improve yourself but do not know how, this class will help open up your … Continue reading “2. Albert Wang, Program Manager at Symantec Inc.”

2. Albert Wang, Program Manager at Symantec Inc.

I think the open discussions were great, especially when guided by the leader with targeted, insightful questions. One thing that might make it even better is if each week we commit to one thing we are going to do in the next week to apply what we’ve learned.

2. David Harper, Movie Director

I am not a morning person, but because of the value of the mastermind group that has brought to me, I have woke up early every Sunday to attend 7:30am meeting. At first, I attended the course because of my curiosity, but one meeting after another I have learned a lot about how to connect … Continue reading “2. Hanh Nguyen, Post-Doc Researcher, UCLA”

2. Hanh Nguyen, Post-Doc Researcher, UCLA

This mastermind has certainly helped extended the learning from merely reading the book. While the book is already a very good summary of leadership wisdom, the learning from hearing others’ experiences reaffirms the learning. It makes the learning stick.  

2. Johnny Lien, Development Manager – 15 Laws Mastermind

I really enjoyed Hoan teaching the book and getting to learn about other interesting people. Everyone was super nice. I also learned that I myself can facilitate a mastermind group as well. This experience gave me more courage and confidence to speak up in a phone conference.

2. Kim Duyen Tran Nguyen, CEO and Coach

Hoan is a masterful leader capable of stimulating discussions, guiding learning, and empowering us to unlock our potential. Challenging our conventional thinking, Hoan encourages us to push past the ordinary to unlock the extraordinary, unafraid to pose powerful, vulnerable, and often difficult questions to the group. The wisdom taught in Mastermind makes you aware of … Continue reading “2. Michael G, Manager”

2. Michael G, Manager

I enjoyed the class so much as I learnt a lot from other participants’ experience. I strongly believe that leadership is one important skill one should develop if he (she) would like to become a great CEO of a company.

2. Nhu Do, CEO of Elite Dental Group

I found it is so good for me, not only to enrich my knowledge but it also help grow my own business.

2. Son Vo, CEO of Gold Software Ltc


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