SUCCESS LESSON 2: Good idea that you can’t communicate is like winking in the dark

Dear Mr. CEO,

Yes, that’s you. You are a CEO. You are the CEO and president of your own personal service corporation. You are the president and CEO of your own life. If you work for someone or some company, you provide your services to them in form of employment. If you are a business owner, you provide services to your customers. No matter what you do, you provide services. You are responsible for every aspect of your own company, yourself.

Let’s imagine your business. It has a good location. You have an excellent service. Your service is unique. In fact, it’s really unique as there’s only one YOU in this world. You price it very competitive compared to the excellent quality it offers. Will your business succeed?

Before you answer that, let me ask you: how will people know about your business?

Every successful business must find a way to reach consumers. Your business is no exception. You offer something that will benefit people. The question is: how will they know about your business?

The short answer is by advertising. As the CEO and president of your own service corporation, you are fully responsible for your own advertising. Now, you might not know. You are always advertising your service. You advertise by the way you show you, the dress you wear, the way you look, the way you speak, your attitude, the way you treat your customers, and of course the quality of your service. It’s important then to be conscious of your advertising. Give your customers great services. Deliver the best quality. Show up positively. Get people to see from inside out. Exceed their expectation.

Now, you might wonder what’s so unique about your business. You are unique. Don’t be confused with the service you are offering. There might be millions of people offering the same service. However, there’s only one YOU offering this service through YOU. That makes your service unique.

When you advertise your business, it’s important then to answer those questions: What’s so unique about your business? Why should people buy your service ? What benefits do you bring to people?

Once you find out what makes your service stand out of the competition, you must find ways to promote it. You must find ways to advertise your business. When you advertise your product or service, you build your brand and gain a larger share of customer’s mind compared to competitors.

The most important advertising is to be honest and sincere. Never lie under any circumstance. People won’t be fooled by a lie forever. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated.

Good idea that you can’t communicate is like winking in the dark (Warren Buffett).

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