Dad, what is influence?


Kid: dad, what’s influence?

Me: Influence is the ability to get others to do something you want them to do without forcing them to do it.

Kid: Hmm… can you please explain, Dad?

I tried several explanations. Being a leadership coach, I told several stories and even gave him a lesson about leadership. As he kept thinking, I kept explaining.

A moment later, I could see his eyes brightened up.

Kid: Dad, do you mean because I have influence, my sister keeps copying what I do.

Me [smile]: yes, son. You got it. Because you are an older brother, your sister would follow you.

We concluded his answer with a parenting lesson: son, you are leading by examples. Your sister admires you and follows you. You do good things; she will follow and do good things.

Without uttering a word, a lightbulb moment was happening in my head. As a parent, we must do good things so our kids do good things. We must be good so our kids will be good. Our kids look upon us. We have to be a good example for them to follow.

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