A pleasant experience with a customer representative who thinks like an owner

I bought an expensive briefcase on sales at Barneys NewYork. It’s too fancy for my taste, but it was on some kind of crazy sales and I needed a good one to use. After a month, the shoulder trap was damaged. I was looking for a repair shop and a colleague recommended to call Barnes New York as maybe they have the replacement part. I picked up the phone and was like a samurai preparing to die before the battle.

Rep: how may I help you, sir?

Me: I bought a briefcase. This morning, I found out that the shoulder trap is damaged. I really like the briefcase. What do you suggest me to do?

Rep: Let me check the details of your order….. Unfortunately sir, the model you bought is currently out of stock. You can either send it back for a full refund or we can credit you back 50% value of the briefcase so you can get it repaired yourself.

Me: Gee… I really like the briefcase….hmm…. I will do the repair myself.

Rep: Certainly sir, we will credit back 50% to your account. Thank you for being a valuable customer and I am very sorry about the damage.

So overall, I noticed that the rep did not ask for the reason why it was damaged. She did not even try to blame me. She acted as if her company only sells super quality products and would stand behind any defect. During the conversation, she talked pleasantly with kindness and compassion. Though she was just a customer service rep, she had full authority to issue full refund or partial credit without having to check with another authority. She acted as if she’s the owner.

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