How do you know if you are in the right job doing what you’re meant to do?

This question can also be stated in many different ways: what’s a perfect job for you? how do you know if you are doing what you’re meant to do?
The question was posted to my Facebook page and received many outstanding responses. It inspired me to examine why I choose coaching, and why I am meant to coach.

I have been fascinated by leadership since a young age. In 2013, I discovered two key principles: coaching is leadership and leadership is influence. I studied coaching. I experienced the magic of coaching through being coached by experienced coaches and through coaching others.

So, why do I love coaching?

First of all, coaching interests, fascinates, and attracts me. I love the coaching process. It begins with a quest (a problem, a goal, a desire, a want..). Insights are revealed and breakthroughs are made during our conversations. Together we figure out what’s next. It’s a miracle. The powerful thinking process gets you unstuck and helps you find new solutions. The best part is that the solution(s) come from their own mind, not directly from the coach. When I find my own solution I feel responsible, inspired, and accountable to take action.

Second, I strive to be among the top 1% of coaches. This requires coaching excellence and consistent, intentional practice.

Third, I admire world-class coaches such as Steve Hardison (the ultimate coach), Steve Chandler (the godfather of coaching), Marshall Goldsmith, and John C. Maxwell. I aspire to be like them and achieve their level of success.

Fourth, I love learning about coaching. I read many books that improve my coaching abilities. I listen to audio programs on personal development. I attend courses and workshops. I joined Steve Chandler’s coaching school (Advanced Client System school) and the John Maxwell Team. When it comes to coaching, I never tire of learning more.

Fifth, for me, coaching comes very naturally. I can do it even if I’m exhausted. It’s something I was born to do.

Sixth, when I am in a coaching session, time stands still. I forget eating, drinking, and even sleeping. The only thing that I am fully aware of is the person I am talking to. I found this in my very first session with another experienced coach who taught me her craft.

Seventh, I experience the greatest feeling of self-esteem and satisfaction after each coaching session. The person I talk to takes a step further into their journey, and I feel extremely rewarded. I can’t wait for the next coaching session!

Eighth, coaching is interwoven with my whole life. At all times I think about how I can best serve my coaching clients. I talk about the power of coaching every chance I get.

Ninth, I like to associate with other coaches and talk shop on every occasion. I believe there is always more to learn, unlearn, re-learn.

Finally, I love being a coach. I plan to do coaching all my life and never retire because I enjoy it so much.

I jumped all into coaching in 2016 and declared my 2017 to be the year of being so good that no one can ignore me, being unreasonable, unconditional love, unconditional happiness, and unreasonable successes. I started 2017 by helping 3 of my friends understand that they can control their own destiny and assisting them to create their new future.

I would like to invite you to write me back and share with me your own answer to the question “how do I know if I am in the right job doing what I’m meant to do?” You can use those ten indicators that I used above to test your own answer. I will send you a special gift when you reply. This gift has helped thousands of people including myself and my clients.

PS: I would like to thank my friend Torrey Umland for proof-reading and editing this post.

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