The best way to get the most out of your people

A leader calls a meeting with a team of engineers to find solutions to a tough problem. He shares his thoughts and makes some suggestions as he thought it would help them come up with better solutions. The engineers discuss the leader’s suggestions and come to an agreement. The leader asks if anyone has any other solution. No one speaks up. He suddenly finds that his suggestion becomes an order.

The next meeting, the leader comes with no agenda. He tells everyone the problem and how important it is that they must leave the room with a solution. He then leaves the room. The leader comes back an hour later. The engineers come up with 10 different solutions and present the best solution to the leader. To his surprise, one solution he came up with before the meeting is in the list of 10 different solution. However, it’s not the best solution.

Lesson: as a leader, an important thing to know is that your suggestion becomes an order.

Trust your people, empower them, stay out of their way, and they will surprise you with their best.

#thesamuraicoach, #leadership, #management

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