Is it too late to get a blackbelt in Karate?

When people found out that I have a black belt in Musokai Karate, they usually share that it’s their childhood dream to get a black belt in Karate.

The next thing they often ask is, “Is it too late to get a black belt in Karate?”

I have no answer to give them, and my answer would be useless to them anyway. However, I do help them discover the answer for themselves.

Some would come to do a Musokai Karate practice with me. This is usually the best method to discover the answer whether they can indeed do Karate.

When this is not possible, I would share my own experience practicing Musokai Karate in the last 12 years.

The question “is it too late…?” is the same as “is it too early…?”. The same is with “is it too old….?” and “is it too young…?”. Those are the two sides of the same coin or the back and front of the hand. Asking them makes no difference.

My most recent trip back to the Musokai Karate dojo in Utah was December 8th 2017. Among many other young blackbelts, I witnessed Mr. Takaichi Su, who was 56 years of age coming all the way from Japan to Utah to take his blackbelt test. He got his blackbelt after finishing a tough promotion test. Mr. Stephen of the same age as Mr. Takaichi Su also finished the promotion test for his 2nd degree blackbelt.


If you think they were too young, then meet Mr. Stringham and Ms. Hawkins. On the same day, Mr. Stringham, who was in his 63, took his 4th degree blackbelt test. He last took his 3rd degree blackbelt test in 2009. After 8 years, he once again finished the tough promotion test. Ms. Hawkins finished the tough test for the 5th degree blackbelt a week earlier. Ms. Hawkins was in her 60s.


Borrowing some words from enlightened beings, stop bullshitting yourself about being too old or too young or too late or too early. If you want to do something, do it now. If you want to get a blackbelt in Karate, there’s never a better time than now.

P/S: Musokai Karate was founded by Shihan Kiyoshi Arakaki in 1980. Musokai Karate headquarter is located in Salt Lake city, Utah. There are classes for both adults and kids with ages from 5 years and up. If you are looking for a unique training experience and the opportunity to train with the real world-class master who not only masters the art but also can teach you to master it, please check out Musokai Karate  or its facebook page at
Shihan Arakaki is the author of many best selling books. His English book “The Secrets of Okinawa Karate” is my bible and training manual while I am away from the dojo.
If you are in Salt Lake city or nearby, pick up your phone and call (801) 262-1785 for classes for yourself or your kids. 3 Free classes for first timers.
If you are in Los Angeles area, contact 424 284 9321.
Musokai Karate also has clubs in Japan and Vietnam.

Posted by Hoan M Do

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