About Me

Hoan has been with Symantec Inc., the leader in information security, for over 10 years since graduating from Brigham Young University. He was awarded the Symantec Achievers in 2014 and the Symantec Top Talent for Managers in 2010.  Hoan has gone through a personal transformation from a top-down, micro-managing, bullshitting, self-centered manager to a transformational leader. Hoan commits to help engineers and other leaders achieve extraordinary results via transformation, leadership, and coaching. Hoan fully believes that if he can do it, anyone can do it.

Outside of his work at Symantec, Hoan is an investor using Warren Buffett’s investing principles at VinaDong, a martial artist trained by Shihan Arakaki of Musokai Karate, and a leadership/executive coach utilizing principles from Werner Erhard, John Maxwell, Steve Chandler.

Hoan commits to live a life of integrity, authenticity, being given being and acting by something bigger than oneself, and being the-cause-in-the-matter.

If you need medication, get a good doctor. If you need therapy, get a good therapist. If you need meditation, get a good yoga teacher. If you want to be in a created space that will allow you to see with clarity, work with me.

And of course, if your organization needs a change, find a good leader or a wise investor.

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