13 minutes everyday exercise for men to get you in shape - Take 15 second rest between each exercise. Steps as following: 60 second squat 45 second push-up 30 second high-knee to burpee 60 second split squat 45 second mechanical push-up 30 second footfire burpee Repeat the entire set twice. Take 30 second rest in between.   Other popular articles: About the author: Hoan Do is a certified… Read More
Warren Buffett – Timeless and Fool-Proof Advice for Entrepreneurs - Warren Buffett - Advice for Entrepreneurs: simple rules like that delighting customers, working through other people, associating with people better than you are will cause you to move in a better path.
Warren Buffett on timing the stock market - Warren Buffett talks about investment versus the tendency to focus on what’s happening today.  March 8-12 1942, newspapers were filled with extremely bad news from the pacific. Warren was watching a stock called City Services Preferred. It was sold at $84 in 1941 and it was selling at $40 on March 10.  Warren bought 3… Read More
Life and Leadership Lessons learned from Bill Campbell – the ultimate coach of Billionaire CEOs including Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Sergey Brin - Bill was described as a legendary coach who coached Steve Jobs, Eric Schmitz, Larry Page, Sergey Brins.
Making 6 figures #2? How to avoid being one of 29% of American households with no retirement savings - Having a job? You can make it to the top 5% There are 100 people at 65 years old: One will be rich. Four will be financially independent. Five will be working. Thirty six will be dead. Fifty four will be dependent.
How can this Uber driver be happier driving Uber than being an executive? - The driver was a Vice President at a pharmaceutical company. He worked there for over 20 years. He's happier now being a Uber driver than being a VP. The guy had so much energy. How?
Collection of fun and tough riddles - Please post your answer(s) below.
How to overcome FEAR instantly - Werner Erhard with his younger son, St. John Werner took his son, St. John, to Hawaii. They went sailing. John was very frightened. He already knew that the boat is not likely to tip over, and both of them wore life jackets. In other words, they would be safe. However, reassurances and explanations are not… Read More
Why has experience helped some and not others? - In recent hirings, I talked with several managers about experiences of candidates. We wanted to look for candidates with experiences that we needed. We put that in job description. Many resumes we received had 15 years of experiences in a particular field but those candidates either moved too often but stayed too short from organizations… Read More
The secret of Tim Ferris’s 4-hour work week with applications and exercises - Why am I reading this? To find out what Tim Ferris means by working only 4-hour per week. I’ve read his article on LinkedIn. He was able to live a life of his dream with a lot of traveling. I want to find out his method and how I can apply to my life. An… Read More