Habit of success: figure out what works and do it - Figure out what works and do it. Figure out what doesn’t work and stops doing it. This is incredibly simple. And yet, like anything simple, it’s incredibly hard to do consistently. When I first learned martial art, I did a lot of things that don’t work. For the last 13 years since I joined Musokai […]
Zhang Xin – the fearless woman who built Beijing - Zhang Xin is the co-founder of SOHO China, the largest real estate developer in China. She’s worth over $3 billion in net worth. Zhang Xin was born in China in 1965. At 14, she left for Hong Kong with her parents. At 19, she decided to leave Hong Kong for England to pursue her education […]
What I learned from Warren Buffett’s 2019 Annual Letter - If my $114.75 had been invested in a no-fee S&P 500 index fund, and all dividends had been reinvested, my stake would have grown to be worth (pre-taxes) $606,811 on January 31, 2019 (the latest data available before the printing of this letter). That is a gain of 5,288 for 1.
What type of organizations would you commit a portion of your life to? - When Peter Drucker was asked: what should students ask a prospective employer about leadership and mission before making a decision to commit at least a portion of their life to the service to the organization? I would probably tell that student of mine that he should hold that question a couple of years until he […]
A question worth focusing - In front of me is a master. I came to see the master in a moment of struggle. In reality, I was at a cross-road. The master can detect my struggles by looking at me in a complete stillness. The master: “I see that you have been struggling. It seems to me that your attention […]
Most impactful books I’ve read in 2018 - What is the best book(s) you read in 2018? Which books would you recommend to your friends?
Failure is never possible till you quit - It's truly that a winner never quits and a quitter never wins. You can't fail unless you quit.
Two success habits to get yourself ahead of the crowd - There are good habits and there are also bad habits. And the great news is that we have control over which habit to form.
Masayoshi Son: how to build a billion dollars company from a big dream - Masayoshi Son is the founder of Softbank and the richest man in Japan. He’s known to the world as: Lost 99% net worth ($70 billion) overnight in the dotcom crash. Invested $20 million into Alibaba which is now worth $140 billion Bought Vodafone Japan for $15.1 billion Bought 70% Sprint for $20.1 billion When asked […]
What you master uses you - Bruce Lee had a quote saying to the effect that it’d be better to practice a kick 10,000 times than to practice 10,000 kicks. When I was learning Karate in college, I was taught 5 katas within a semester. I could perform those 5 katas fairly well. I thought I was good. When I joined […]