Hetty Green – the witch of Walls Street and the world’s richest woman - Hetty Green was born in a rich family. She inherited a large sum from her father. However, unlike other rich daughters, she didn’t like to spend money on luxury. She loved compounding money. From less than $1 million she inherited from her father, she invested in real estates, bonds, and companies. By the time she […]
The #1 app for building habit of being effective - I was inspired by Peter Drucker when reading the Effective Executive on an airplane. Being a tech guy, I was inspired to create an app to help myself and others become more effective.  My team was inspired by what it can do for others and released the first version with lightning speed. Interestingly enough, even […]
Warren Buffett series #9 – rational thinking – don’t kid yourself about getting rich quick - It’s dynamite to start with things that can expire and become worthless. For example: buy options of Coke thinking that the stock is attractive. Borrowed money usually leads to trouble. Once you start focusing on short-term price behavior, which is nature of buying calls, you are likely to take your eyes off the main ball, […]
Warren Buffett series #8 – bought National Indemnity in 15 minutes - National Indemnity purchase in 15 minutes Warren Buffett is known to make a decision to buy a business in very short period of time. The following is his story of how he bought his first insurance business in less than 15 minutes. Jack Ringwalt, who ran National Indemnity, for every 15 minutes every year would […]
Warren Buffett series #7 – How to calculate intrinsic value of a business - People always want a formula. They go to the Intelligent Investor and think somewhere they are going to find a little formula. It really doesn’t work that way.
Warren Buffett series #6 – Advice to start investing - You can’t look around for people to agree with you. You can’t look around for people to even know what you are talking about. You have to think for yourself.
Warren Buffett series #5 – What to look for when determining if a person is honest or not? - What to look for when determining if a person is honest or not?
Warren Buffett Series #4 – The scuttlebutt method – how to use it to analyze a business - You really want to start with a business where you think the economics are good, where they look like a seven-footer, and then you go out with a scuttlebutt approach to possibly reject your original hypothesis. Or maybe you confirm it.
Warren Buffett series #3 – What teenagers can do to prepare to become an investor? - If you are interested in investments, you should take the accounting courses. You should do a lot of reading and get as much business experience as possible.
Warren Buffett Series #2 – How to be a better investor and a better manager - The checklist that goes through our mind is simple, not complicated. Knowing what you don’t know is important and sometimes that’s not easy. Knowing the future is impossible in many cases, difficult in others, and sometimes relatively easy. We are looking for the ones that are easy.