Masayoshi Son: how to build a billion dollars company from a big dream - Masayoshi Son is the founder of Softbank and the richest man in Japan. He’s known to the world as: Lost 99% net worth ($70 billion) overnight in the dotcom crash. Invested $20 million into Alibaba which is now worth $140 billion Bought Vodafone Japan for $15.1 billion Bought 70% Sprint for $20.1 billion When asked […]
What you master uses you - Bruce Lee had a quote saying to the effect that it’d be better to practice a kick 10,000 times than to practice 10,000 kicks. When I was learning Karate in college, I was taught 5 katas within a semester. I could perform those 5 katas fairly well. I thought I was good. When I joined […]
Warren Buffett – Educational videos - The following is a collection of videos of Warren Buffett. There are few videos of him that I watched and listened to for the entire year repeatedly everyday when I was learning value investing. I hope it will helps you as well. P/S: if you find a new video of his, I’d appreciate you to […]
A few words about intrinsic value - Intrinsic Value of a stock A stock is worth only what you can get out of it. In other words, a stock is the present value of all its future dividends.  P = sum of (dn * (1+r)^n)     r = interest rate, dn = dividend in year n Even if a company retains […]
15 must-have skills to land a job - Be aware of the skills most employers are looking for regardless of the position you are seeking. Those include: Being punctual. Arrive on-time, preferably early, and stay till the quitting time, better live late. Being dependable. Having a good attitude. Having drive, energy, and enthusiasm. Wanting more than a paycheck. Being self-disciplined, well-organized, highly motivated, […]
Brilliant response to those who say “stay-at-home moms and housewives don’t work “ - I saw a post from a friend on Facebook saying that a post from a tattoo artist Ryshell Castleberry has been shared more than 400,000 times. Ryshell shared an imaginative conversation between a husband and a psychologist. The more the husband responded to the psychologist, the more he revealed how much work his say-at-home wife does. […]
How to become the best and most successful investor by the billionaire value investor Charlie Munger - Charlie Munger and Li Lu interviewing with Weekly in Stock August 2018 Charlie Munger is 95 year old. Long-term value investing instead of gambling Philosophy: Find a good investment and stay with it for a long time. The saying in Chinese: it takes 10 years to sharpen one’s sword. If you invest the way people […]
Going against the odds - I met an engineer at Symantec in 2011. She was an older woman. After talking to her, she shared that she was working on her third Phd. Not her first, but her third…. I was impressed but secretly in my mind I had two thoughts: it was possible and it was impossible. The thought was […]
A way to keep yourself up: billionaires who came from nothing - Everyone must start from somewhere, more often than not from nothing. Alan Gerry kickstarted a TV network that went on to become Cablevision. Net worth: $1.4 billion The son of Russian immigrants, Alan Gerry dropped out of high school in order to pursue a career in the Marines. In 1956, Gerry made the decision to […]
The summary of the Airbnb story and how the unicorn was built, the invaluable lessons from the founders - “If you launch and no one notices, you can keep launching. We kept launching, and people kept writing about it. We thought we’d just keep launching until we got customers.” – Chesky Two lessons Airbnb founders learned from Paul Graham early on: It’s better to have 100 users who love you than 1 million users […]