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Books that I read annually

  Watching a recent introduction on Think & Grow Rich study from Paul Martinelli, the president of John Maxwell Team, and a DVD from Bob Proctor, they both shared that Think & Grow Rich by […]


As part of Think and Grow Rich study with Paul Martinelli, I am practicing persistence by reading the same chapter for many days. The wisdom that Napoleon Hill put on the book keeps coming with […]

Why people quit

I have worked for the same company since getting out of school. I have seen many of my coworkers who left for other companies. Their reasons were often: “I found a better job with a […]

Influence should be loaned, never given

This lesson took me back to my Shihan. He is one of the greatest leaders I have known. In my years studying Karate under him, he taught me great deal of leadership. He’s the leader […]

An important question to ask in a conflict resolution

Of many good stories since I started coaching, this one made great impact to me as the question raised was outstanding. My coaching client is the CEO and founder of a successful company in United […]