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Warren Buffett on timing the stock market

Warren Buffett talks about investment versus the tendency to focus on what’s happening today.  March 8-12 1942, newspapers were filled with extremely bad news from the pacific. Warren was watching a stock called City Services […]

How to invest – Warren Buffett’s 2017 annual letter to shareholders

Warren Buffett released his annual letter to shareholders today Saturday 2/24/2018. Though Warren Buffett has not published a book, his annual letters contain much of his wisdom in investment success and life-changing principles. Since his […]

BITCOIN – the name counts – The Best Advice for struggling companies

The “BEST” advice for companies: launch cryptocurrency The second “BEST” advice: change its name to BITCOIN, DIGITAL CURRENCY, CRYPTO, or BLOCKCHAIN Kodak tripled in 2 days after the company announced its digital coin. Riot Blockchain, […]

My takeaway from Warren Buffett’s 2016 Annual Letter to Shareholders

A much-waited letter from Warren Buffett is finally out today. Over the years, I have learned much from studying Warren Buffett’s writings. In fact, I spent almost an entire 2013 to study his annual reports and […]

Life-changing wisdoms from Warren Buffett

“You are worth at least $500,000 today.“ As we walk out today, Warren will buy 10% of your future and from this day forward, you will give me 10% of what you earn. If you […]