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My takeaway from Warren Buffett’s 2016 Annual Letter to Shareholders

A much-waited letter from Warren Buffett is finally out today. Over the years, I have learned much from studying Warren Buffett’s writings. In fact, I spent almost an entire 2013 to study his annual reports and […]

Life-changing wisdoms from Warren Buffett

“You are worth at least $500,000 today.“ As we walk out today, Warren will buy 10% of your future and from this day forward, you will give me 10% of what you earn. If you […]

My random thoughts on Warren Buffett’s investing philosophy – 1

“I can not guarantee results to partners. What I can and do promise is that: Our investments will be chosen on the basis of value, not popularity. That we will attempt to bring risk of […]

SUCCESS LESSON 10: Follow Your Passion

Steve is a factory worker making a minimum wage. He hated his job but could not make up his mind to follow his passion. Before he came to America, he was a successful construction engineer. […]

SUCCESS LESSON 6: Learn from your mistakes

To the best and most loving version of you, As you venture into investing your money, it’s important to remember that fads tend to come and go quickly. A friend of mine, Mike, in Vietnam […]