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Warren Buffett – Investing Tenets

Tenets of the Warren Buffett Way Business Tenets Is the business simple and understandable? Does the business have a consistent operating history? Does the business have favorable long-term prospects? Management Tenets Is management rational? (that […]

Charlie Munger – Wisdom on Investment

Model #1: Betting on newspapers in two-newspaper town Model #2:  Low priced item + global marketing advantage Model #3: The cancer surgery formula – GEICO : cut all cancer parts and leave only good parts Model […]

The science of getting rich

[The wisdom described below has worked for us. We use the same to run VinaDong Inc.]  The question one would ask is “how does Warren Buffett become so rich?” or “how did Arkad become the […]

The science of living comfortably

[The wisdom described below has worked for us. It has enabled us to save in order to have capital for investment]  Young man receives a salary sufficient to keep him and his family fairly comfortable. […]