Category: Leadership

Why people quit

I have worked for the same company since getting out of school. I have seen many of my coworkers who left for other companies. Their reasons were often: “I found a better job with a […]

Influence should be loaned, never given

This lesson took me back to my Shihan. He is one of the greatest leaders I have known. In my years studying Karate under him, he taught me great deal of leadership. He’s the leader […]

Why did I become a leadership coach?

I shared my story with my clients. They were inspired to become transformational leaders as they believe they can do as I have done. Here is my story: Since a kid, I always wanted to […]

How did I become a coach?

My clients urged me to post this as my story inspired them and gave them hope of overcoming their fear in communication. I was an engineer working in an environment that 99% were Americans, mostly […]

Experience is not the best teacher

In recent hirings, I talked with several managers about experiences of candidates. We wanted to look for candidates with experiences that we needed. We put that in job description. Many resumes we received had 15 […]