Is it too late to get a blackbelt in Karate?

Borrowing some words from enlightened beings, stop bullshitting yourself about being too old or too young or too late or too early. If you want to do something, do it now. If you want to get a blackbelt in Karate, there’s never a better time than now. Read More


The path to mastery in Musokai Karate

Senpai Bob Stringham has recently undertaking a study with Shihan Kiyoshi Arakaki to discover the original meanings of Musokai Karate katas. Bob is the 4th degree blackbelt in Musokai Karate and an executive who was voted the most fit executive of his age group in Utah. During the blackbelt promotion test, Bob demonstrated the new… Read More

How to be a blackbelt – a journal with Musokai Karate – December 9th 2017

The schedule: Friday 11am – 7:30pm Saturday promotion test 10am – 11am routine warmup 11am – 2pm blackbelt promotion test I left home at 3:30am to catch 6am fly to Utah on Friday December 8th. My excitement to see Shihan Arakaki and other Karateka can’t be described in word but was expressed in my action.… Read More

Musokai Karate – Equipping first graders

Los Angeles, CA September 23, 2016 Today is our third practice. Our kiais were so loud that the school’s official came over. Instead of asking us to be quiet, she took pictures and paid us compliments. Our practice is now featured in the school’s newsletter. It’s always a great feeling to add value to others.… Read More


This is the question that many people asked me. In order to answer this question, I went back to the time I studied Musokai Karate with Shihan Arakaki. When I came to his dojo, I was a confused human being. It was 2006 after my graduation from Brigham Young University. My mind was crowded with… Read More