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This category is dedicated to my writings about Musokai Karate. Musokai Karate was founded by Shihan Kyoshi Arakaki with the headquarter in Utah, USA. I have learned and practiced the art of Okinawa Karate fighting from Shihan since 2006. The art and science of Musokai Karate include the most effective fighting techniques and the way of life. Besides the fighting art, I have learned how to live my life powerfully from Shihan Arakaki and Musokai Karate. This includes leadership, way of being and acting, the art of communication, the art of being fearless,…This blog is my attempt to describe the art and science of Musokai Karate as well as my own practice and observation.

Musokai Karate – Equipping first graders

Los Angeles, CA September 23, 2016 Today is our third practice. Our kiais were so loud that the school’s official came over. Instead of asking us to be quiet, she took pictures and paid us […]


This is the question that many people asked me. In order to answer this question, I went back to the time I studied Musokai Karate with Shihan Arakaki. When I came to his dojo, I […]