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How to build a billion dollars company from pennies

Amazon.com is the second largest private employer and the most valuable retailer in the United States. Despite having a market cap of $766 billion with 2017 revenue of $177.86 billion and making a profit of $3 […]

The mastery of self – the notes and quotes

The mastery of self: Unconditional love vs. conditional love Goal settings from the place of unconditional love As human beings, we have wants and desires. When we become too attached to those desires and wants […]

Don’t search in the light while what you are looking for is in the darkness

An engineer comes to a coach: “I can’t seem to move up no matter what I do. Last year my boss told me to improve my communication as I pissed people off. I took many […]

The secret: how to stay positive when meeting negative people

An engineer asks his coach: “Coach, my energy is very positive now. I am living my life. What do I do when I meet a negative person?” Coach: “You will never truly be happy until […]

Hiring 101 – the best way to grow a business

The legend has it that the advertising agency empire-builder David Ogilvy established a tradition of welcoming new executives with a gift of five wooden dolls, each smaller than the other, one inside the other. When […]