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15 must-have skills to land a job

Be aware of the skills most employers are looking for regardless of the position you are seeking. Those include: Being punctual. Arrive on-time, preferably early, and stay till the quitting time, better live late. Being […]

The secret of Tim Ferris’s 4-hour work week with applications and exercises

Why am I reading this? To find out what Tim Ferris means by working only 4-hour per week. I’ve read his article on LinkedIn. He was able to live a life of his dream with […]

Should you make a counter offer when your employees receive another job offer?

Zig is an engineer working for manager Tim. Zig is not a top performance but an above average one. For various reasons, Zig like other engineers in the company is getting paid below the market […]

Pick a boss, not a job

#SAMURAICOACHING An engineer who is very smart and capable is transferred to a new team with a new manager. He soon finds out that he’s working for a manager who is only interested in delivering […]

If you have to think before talking about your boss, quit

Engineer A asks engineer B: “You moved to a new team for 6 months now. How’s that working out with your new boss?” Engineer B hesitates, thinks for a while, and says: “It’s different.” It […]