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How to overcome FEAR instantly

Werner Erhard with his younger son, St. John Werner took his son, St. John, to Hawaii. They went sailing. John was very frightened. He already knew that the boat is not likely to tip over, […]

Why has experience helped some and not others?

In recent hirings, I talked with several managers about experiences of candidates. We wanted to look for candidates with experiences that we needed. We put that in job description. Many resumes we received had 15 […]

The secret of Tim Ferris’s 4-hour work week with applications and exercises

Why am I reading this? To find out what Tim Ferris means by working only 4-hour per week. I’ve read his article on LinkedIn. He was able to live a life of his dream with […]

Should you make a counter offer when your employees receive another job offer?

Zig is an engineer working for manager Tim. Zig is not a top performance but an above average one. For various reasons, Zig like other engineers in the company is getting paid below the market […]

How to get your dream job with no experience – Lessons from Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott is the CEO of SAP, the world’s largest business software company. He worked at Xerox for 17 years climbing its corporate ladder from an entry-level salesman to the corporate officer and division president. […]