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13 minutes everyday exercise for men to get you in shape

Take 15 second rest between each exercise. Steps as following: 60 second squat 45 second push-up 30 second high-knee to burpee 60 second split squat 45 second mechanical push-up 30 second footfire burpee Repeat the […]

How can this Uber driver be happier driving Uber than being an executive?

The driver was a Vice President at a pharmaceutical company. He worked there for over 20 years. He’s happier now being a Uber driver than being a VP. The guy had so much energy. How?

Life lessons from a Uber driver who was laid off

The uber driver got out of his car and helped load my luggages into the trunk after seeing that I was limping. He looked like a 30-year athlete. I appreciated him as my foot was […]