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Masayoshi Son: how to build a billion dollars company from a big dream

Masayoshi Son is the founder of Softbank and the richest man in Japan. He’s known to the world as: Lost 99% net worth ($70 billion) overnight in the dotcom crash. Invested $20 million into Alibaba […]

How to overcome FEAR instantly

Werner Erhard with his younger son, St. John Werner took his son, St. John, to Hawaii. They went sailing. John was very frightened. He already knew that the boat is not likely to tip over, […]

The secret of Tim Ferris’s 4-hour work week with applications and exercises

Why am I reading this? To find out what Tim Ferris means by working only 4-hour per week. I’ve read his article on LinkedIn. He was able to live a life of his dream with […]

How to really take care of your customer – A real story

This story is about how Richard Howorth, the owner of Square Books, treated his customers. Jeff Bezos took this story to heart when he founded Amazon. One day at Square Books, he was called on […]

May you make everyday your masterpiece!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY! On January 1st, 2017, I declared: “Onto 2017, I am inventing a possibility for myself and those who come into my life a year of getting my […]