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Making 6 figures #2? How to avoid being one of 29% of American households with no retirement savings

Having a job? You can make it to the top 5%

There are 100 people at 65 years old:
One will be rich.
Four will be financially independent.
Five will be working.
Thirty six will be dead.
Fifty four will be dependent.

How can this Uber driver be happier driving Uber than being an executive?

The driver was a Vice President at a pharmaceutical company. He worked there for over 20 years. He’s happier now being a Uber driver than being a VP. The guy had so much energy. How?

How to think BIG – the Jeff Bezos’ way

When Jeff Bezos announced to his boss that he would quit his job to start an online book store, his boss advised him to think about it for 48 hours. The important thing to know […]

Spending what you earn: less or more

Two friends Zo and Ma work for a big company. Both Zo and Ma make over $300K annually. Ma is a big spender. He buys branded clothes, drives an expensive car, lives in a big […]

Life lessons from a Uber driver who was laid off

The uber driver got out of his car and helped load my luggages into the trunk after seeing that I was limping. He looked like a 30-year athlete. I appreciated him as my foot was […]