Tag: Mastery

A question worth focusing

In front of me is a master. I came to see the master in a moment of struggle. In reality, I was at a cross-road. The master can detect my struggles by looking at me […]

What you master uses you

Bruce Lee had a quote saying to the effect that it’d be better to practice a kick 10,000 times than to practice 10,000 kicks. When I was learning Karate in college, I was taught 5 […]

May you make everyday your masterpiece!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY! On January 1st, 2017, I declared: “Onto 2017, I am inventing a possibility for myself and those who come into my life a year of getting my […]

The mastery of self – the notes and quotes

The mastery of self: Unconditional love vs. conditional love Goal settings from the place of unconditional love As human beings, we have wants and desires. When we become too attached to those desires and wants […]