Spending what you earn: less or more

Two friends Zo and Ma work for a big company. Both Zo and Ma make over $300K annually.

Ma is a big spender. He buys branded clothes, drives an expensive car, lives in a big house, goes on expensive vacations every year.

Zo never spends more than what he makes and always puts more into his savings. Zo goes shopping at thrift stores. 

When Zo and Ma turn 65s, both retire. Zo has $3 million in savings plus 401K while Ma has less than $10K plus 401K.

Ma figures that he can’t live too long. He takes money out of 401K, which amounts to over $2 million. Ma goes on vacations after vacations. He runs out of money in 5 years and is back to work at 70s making minimum wages.

Zo lives a happy retirement life. Without work, instead of vacations or spending, he contributes to charity, organizes community events, and teach financial freedoms.

What kind of life do you prefer?

“Buy what you have no need of and soon you shall sell your necessities.”

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