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The mastery of self – the notes and quotes

The mastery of self: Unconditional love vs. conditional love Goal settings from the place of unconditional love As human beings, we have wants and desires. When we become too attached to those desires and wants […]

The biggest mistake you might make: assign power, influence, authority to someone with a title

Engineer 1 visits the headquarter office and meets a VP at the elevator. The engineer doesn’t know that this is a VP. Engineer in a very peaceful and pleasant voice: “Hi, how are you? My […]

Only genius can… if you want to, you can

An engineer comes to a coach with a burning quest: “coach, I really want to get promoted but I don’t know how. I have been working in the same position for too long.” The coach: […]

How to raise your self-esteem without paying $1 million and without having $1 billion? The answer will blow your mind.

The two Most Destructive Fears in our life: Fear of Rejection and Fear of Failure. We learned the following negative habit patterns often from people who are closest to us, which in many case are […]