What not to do in a natural disaster? $42.96 per a pack of bottled water at Best Buy

$42.96 per a pack of bottled water at Best Buy, which is usually $15. Best Buy really knows how to best take advantage of situation even in such a natural disaster as Harvey, while everyone else is donating money to bring food and water to affected residents.

Best Buy also has the best explanation for the situation: the price was seen only on Friday and was because an employee had mistakenly priced the entire case of water by multiplying the price of a single bottle.

Where was the manager? Where were the rest of employees? Did no one say anything?

This is an example of poor leadership.

Best Buy also taught another important lesson to other companies: what’s best to not do in a natural disaster.

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Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/best-buy-water-hurricane-harvey-2017-8